Sometimes, even with a ready video interview, the decision is still hard to make. Video evaluation helps assess the potential candidate’s technical skills based on the previously recorded video without calling in the whole IT department. We will draft a complete detailed report highlighting the candidate’s weaknesses, mistakes, hard skills needed, and evaluation of how likely they will fit your vacancy. We also guarantee personal data protection by ensuring that only authorised users have access to your candidates’ profiles. While the assessment is thoroughly carried out based on your job description and requirements, be sure to receive an in-depth analysis to facilitate the recruitment process and save your time and money.

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Kathrin SAP consultant

EvalHR is a tool for bussines with a human face, we automate the product, but not the service. We give customers a tool, but support is still with a personalized approach

We are a team of IT professionals providing the consultations services to big German ERP corporations, and recruiting services to IT specialists in the SAP industry.

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