EvalHr quickly helps you to find the best fit for the job

without unnecessary wastes of time and money

According to the experience of experts, over half of the SAP candidates don’t fit the mold and show a low level of technical qualifications. Usually, an average recruitment process will be time and money- consuming, not to mention the exhaustion of your HR specialists. However, EvalHR will professionally and fast assist you in finding the right match for your job and make you forget about all unnecessary worries.

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How does it work

EvalHR is an on-demand video interview tool with a primary focus on functional and technical evaluation of candidates for SAP/IT positions. Our tool provides you with an automated option to get a video interview from a candidate with integrated SAP skill validation. All you have to do is select the most suitable candidates and invite them for an interview.


Add selected candidate(s)

Send them a link to each video interview to assess their technical skills.

Compare their answers to the correct ones.

Invite our experts to aid in the evaluation process.

Hire the best of the best.

Why EvalHR?

Specialization in SAP

long-standing experience in SAP recruiting and consulting.

Reduction of the recruiting funnel

Reduce by three times with 3,000+ typical one-way interview questions.

Complex Assessment

an in-depth evaluation of SAP candidates' technical skills.

Quick filling of the position

speeding up the recruiting process through automation and minimising your expenses.

A video-on-demand interview

Is a tool that helps you evaluate your potential candidate based on the asynchronous video interview.

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Thanks to over 3000 questions in different directions of the SAP industry, the assessment is exact and assists in detecting all the strengths and weaknesses of the interviewee.

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Considerably saving your time

The tool will greatly save your time and budget as only the most skilled candidates will be accepted to the next stage of recruitment.

Recruiting the best candidates even without specialised expertise

You will be able to make sure whether the candidate has the necessary skills, knowledge, and background even without expertise in the SAP sphere.

A video evaluation

Is a function that provides you with an analysis of your candidate's video interview.

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You will receive an in-depth recommendation and report based on your requirements and candidates' answers.

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Long-standing experience in the SAP industry

You can receive an expert opinion of our consultant with over 20 years of expertise.

Guaranteed confidentiality

EvalHR keeps all information strictly confidential and no data can not be given to third parties.

A functional assessment

Is a possibility to order a full interview aimed at assessing candidates’ technical skills conducted by our SAP experts.

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Instead of waiting for the video on demand or hesitating about the candidate's suitability, you can entrust the technical part to a professional.

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In-depth assessment

The complex assessment conducted by our expert consultants will take into consideration all your needs and requirements and fully screen the candidate’s skills.

High-quality shortlist

A top-notch shortlist right in the beginning will help to make the recruitment process fast and easy.


Save up to 10% Yearly billing Monthly billing


0€ / month

1 Job

3 Video-interview invitations

1 Team members


90€ / month

3 Jobs

12 Video-interview invitations

5 Team members

2 Video Evaluations (bonus for yearly billing)


We offer personal and commercial models that suit your budgets and your needs. Whether in increasing time-to-fill, additional sourcing to fill candidate funnels, validating candidate expertise. Our focus is to support you according to your business needs.

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EvalHR is a one-way video interview platform with a primary focus on functional and technical validation of candidates for SAP positions.