On-demand video interview

Often, a bright CV and endless relevant experiences are not proof that the candidate is the one for your job position. An on-demand video interview is a digital tool that provides you with the excellent opportunity to save your time, avoid interviews with unsuitable candidates and advance only those who will make a good fit for the role. Compared to a simple phone interview, an on-demand video will give you more information about the person. You can rewatch it at any convenient time and thoroughly screen the candidate’s non-verbal language. Otherwise, you can invite your colleagues and other hiring managers to assess the interviewee. In addition, apart from saving your time, it will also attract more candidates who are less willing to attend numerous interviews straight at the beginning of the recruitment process. As a result, the recruitment process becomes simple and enjoyable for both recruiters and candidates.

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How does it work


You will need to create a job and choose the most suitable keywords for your job position.

Our system will automatically generate the best questions for evaluation.


You will need to send an email with a link to the video interview to your candidate.

The candidate will receive the link and record a video where they answer unknown questions, selected automatically.


You will check the correct answers and compare them to the ones given by the candidate.

You will decide on the candidate's acceptance.


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