Functional assessment

You can also order a functional skill assessment, an in-person technical interview conducted by an independent senior SAP consultant. Based on your job requirements, our experts will assess technical skills, ask questions, recommend or not candidate for this position based on your requirements. In addition, a listing of skills that the candidate should develop will be included in case you decide to give a job offer. What you finally receive is a complex opinion from our consultant and a high-quality shortlist of candidates. You also significantly save your money and precious time of your technical specialists. As a result, without the need to constantly interrupt your IT department, only strong and experienced candidates will be admitted to the final stage.

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Sergej CEO, senior SAP consultant

EvalHR is a tool for bussines with a human face, we automate the product, but not the service. We give customers a tool, but support is still with a personalized approach

We are a team of IT professionals providing the consultations services to big German ERP corporations, and recruiting services to IT specialists in the SAP industry.

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